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Secure, Scalable and Decentralized Application Platform Powered by ProgPoW Consensus.

EtherCoreDocs introduces and explains EtherCore, a multi-chain decentralized application and smart contracts platform that hosts various applications that can be used in real world. In the following documents, we describe what EtherCore is and provide guidelines and instructions on how to use EtherCore as well as how to interact with the EtherCore network. To better understand EtherCore's vision, mission, and future plans briefly, please read the EtherCore White Paper

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Disclaimer: Some notes are derived from Ethereum documents as the EtherCore source code was initiated from Ethereum’s Istanbul version. As EtherCore develops further, EtherCoreDocs and the source code will continue to be updated. Reference websites are as follows:

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How to run EtherCore Node

How to use EtherCore Testnet

How to connect EtherCore mainnet with Metamask

How to generate EtherCore Wallet and obtain EtherCore wallet address

How to mine EtherCore with your own GPU

How to send EtherCore coins from EtherCore Web Wallet

How to develop ERC20 token on EtherCore mainnet