Zero transaction fee smart contract platform

Supporting zero transaction fee has been an controversial subject due to the possibility of Denial-of-Service attack caused by a large amount of transactions, however it is technically possible to support the zero transaction fee smart contract platform in fact, it is also possible to send and include zero fee transactions in Ethereum mainnet at the small chance.

Potential of zero fee contract platform

By supporting zero fee transactions it will not only benefit the platform itself but also benefit foreign tokens deployed over the mainnet, for example ERC-20 tokens deployed over EtherCore mainnet will be able to provide holders to send and receive their tokens without paying EtherCore tokens.

Enabling foreign tokens and DApps to interact with our mainnet will be a chance to enlarge the EtherCore ecosystem and give them an ability to use the full advantage of Blockchain platform at zero cost.

While it is possible for an attacker to deploy multiple zero fee transactions to spam over the network, a proper limitation will be able to block the attempt of spamming over network and properly provide lower cost transactions to users. Limitation of block capacity determined by the miners of block and limitation of transaction pool size, in other words mempool or txpool, will be able to limit the capacity of spamming the network and protect against those improper attempts.