Governance Model

Technically, EtherCore will be consisted in two major parts, Proof-of-Work mainnet, and Proof-of-Authority sidechain. Proof-of-Work mainnet aims to be a decentralized hosting platform for different applications, and Proof-of-Authority sidechain aims to provide enough volatility and performance for applications deployed on the mainnet.

While it is prominent that those networks are being assisted by their code itself, we thought that a valid governance model for platform will make the ecosystem thrive and useful for new developers joining from different platforms. Giving the proper method to deploy or develop the contract will dramatically increase the productivity for them.

To ensure that EtherCore keeps up with the changing needs of the community, Ecosystem formation fund was introduced in the initial design of the software. This would allow for an allocation of funds to be reserved that could incentivize developers to work on community needs, critical patches, and forward-looking upgrades. This allows the system to fully utilize the strengths of a decentralized community going forward, reducing the reliance on a single source for these new additions. EtherCore has given the world a great starting point for the tool, and the ecosystem formation fund will allow the community to nurture and grow that tool.

Fund will be allocated to the EtherCore governance council and it will be paid to whom contributes to the EtherCore ecosystem by building helpful DApps and making a persistent contribution to the ecosystem. EtherCore governance council will be nominated by the stake holders of EtherCore and the council will be able to use the delegated power from the community.