Scientists and engineers on EtherCore team have created an extensive roadmap that lays out key developmental milestones for the next two years.

2019 Q1

  • Initial development of EtherCore whitepaper

  • Development of ProgPoW softwares

2019 Q3

  • Development of EtherCore Explorer

  • Development of EtherCore mining pool

2019 Q4

  • Development of EtherCore Wallet

  • Design the user interface for EtherCore community

2020 Q1

  • Build EtherCore community

  • EtherCore node distribution

  • Design of sidechain starts

2020 Q2

  • Development of reference mobile wallet

  • Development of GUI miner for EtherCore

2020 Q3

  • Development of EtherCore sidechain

  • Improvement of EtherCore POW mainnet

2020 Q4

  • Improvement of EtherCore POA sidechain

  • Implementation of mainnet scaling solution

2021 Q1

  • Deploy multiple DApps for EtherCore ecosystem

  • Light wallet solution for EtherCore

  • New Rust lang based EtherCore node

2021 Q2

  • Development of Simple Payment Solution for EtherCore

  • Improve user experience regarding EtherCore multi-sig wallet

2021 Q3

  • Research of EtherCore DeFi solution

2021 Q4

  • Implementation of EtherCore DeFi solution

  • Integrate 10000+ TPS solution for EtherCore mainnet & sidechain